Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Republic of Korea.

It is an immense pleasure and honor to represent the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the Republic of Korea. Geographically far apart from each other, Republic of Korea and Afghanistan have enjoyed a long history of friendship and connections since 1973. Ever since the establishment of diplomatic ties, we have witnessed remarkable improvements in our relations with ever-deepening political mutual-trust and fruitful outcomes in exchanges and cooperation on all fronts. I am honored to contribute and build further understanding and appreciation between two countries upon this solid foundation.
The relations between Afghanistan and Republic of Korea have strengthened more firmly in the recent years than any other times. Afghanistan is culturally rich, naturally endowed and strategically located. It is time for our partners to stay engaged, join and support Afghan Government strategies to secure a brighter future for our citizens. Our vision and promise is to make Afghanistan once again a crossroads of trade, commerce cultures and civilizations.
During my tenure as Ambassador, I will make sure to serve my Afghan community in the Republic of Korea and further strengthening and promote our bilateral relations.

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